Sewer Connection

Finding help with sewer pipe connections in Fresno, CA can be tricky. Let us give you a helping hand here at California Shine Construction. Our team of highly skilled specialists can help clients with all of their mainline plumbing connection needs. No matter how complex or difficult a project may be, we can handle it. We know that our experts have the training and know­how to get any job done correctly and efficiently. We can also assist with storm water management and flood prevention services. Our team is committed to offering clients affordable prices and unbeatable deals. So, call us and let us help out on your next plumbing project.
We can also assist with:

● Drain pipe relining
● Sewer pipe installation
● Repairing offset joints
● Sewer pipe maintenance
And more.

Our team can help connect plumbing to city sewer systems, too. No matter what you need help with we can help here at California Shine Construction. We know that we can get you on the fast track to a properly functioning sewer system. Don’t go to one of our competitors who will overcharge you for poor quality service. Our team can give you the fair prices and honest service that you deserve. Let us help you get your sewer connected to the city system so you can disregard waste properly. Don’t hesitate any longer and give us a call now so we can help you with all of your plumbing needs. Our experts have more experience and dedication than any other plumbing and sewer system team in the local area. Let us give you the sincere and dedicated service that you can count on here at California Shine Construction, based in the beautiful Fresno, CA area. Contact us and let us give you the superb care and assistance that you deserve.

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